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From hospitals and clinics to research centers and other medical facilities, CSG delivers turnkey solutions that support the critical work of our clients, creating environments that promote healing, wellness, and innovation.

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Dept. of Veterans Affairs Expand/Repair ICU, Step Down Unit, & Pulmonary Unit

Construction Services Group, Inc. was contracted by Ralph H. Johnson Medical Center to expand and Repair the Intensive Care, Step Down, and Pulmonary Unit in the VA Medical Center. This project constructed a new 7,600 square foot Critical Care Medical Service area on top of an existing one-story building, renovated the existing 10,400 square foot intensive care unit and then joined these two buildings into one ICU, Step-Down, and Pulmonary Unit that included functional support space and state-of-the-art technology and design. During construction, the existing Intensive Care unit and Pulmonary Services unit remained in service through implementation of phased construction.

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Correct Legionella Issues

CSG was contracted by the VA to complete the Correct Legionella Issues project located at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. CSG performed demolition to include the removal of existing structures and moved into civil site preparations for the new three-story Legionella building. The structure included multiple roof levels, mechanical, electrical, and utilities to support the VA’s preventative measures against Legionnaires Disease. The fully functioning system included work throughout the Medical Center to include in clinical and procedural rooms and required CSG to complete the following: circulation system and the secondary domestic water feed; removal of dead legs; repair and replacement of insulation; and installation of new sensors and controls to bring the whole medical center into compliance.

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Renovate Surgical Intensive Care Unit

CSG was contracted to complete a total renovation for the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the WBD Jennings VA Medical Center. The work included but was not limited to: demolition of existing space, general construction, alterations/renovations, mechanical upgrades, electrical modernization, plumbing, medical gas, structural steel supports, patient lifts, specialized
dimmable automatic doors and windows for patient rooms.

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Correct Mechanical Deficiencies in Building 801

CSG managed the replacement of four (4) air handling units on the campus of the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center. Additionally, CSG completed all the replacement of associated Direct Digital Controls, demolition, structural, electrical, low-voltage, and the modification of existing structures to accommodate the upgrades. This work was phased in order not to interrupt any patient care capabilities of the hospital. The hospital remained fully functioning while construction was being completed. Temporary air handling units were provided while the permanent units were being installed and the ancillary support elements were being upgraded.

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Overhaul/Replace Elevators

CSG replaced and modernized seven (7) existing elevators at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center with both traction and hydraulic conveyance systems. CSG replaced the mechanical
systems in the equipment room; upgraded the HVAC systems for all elevators; provided new power supplies, fire alarm components, and emergency recall; modified elevator pits and installed new sump pumps; upgraded elevator control systems to synchronize all elevators; and upgraded all finishes related to elevator cabs and exterior doors. Work was phased in order not to degrade hospital patient care abilities.

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Renovation of Historical Building 10 Medical Clinic

CSG was contracted to renovate and modernize historic Building 10 at the William J. Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center. What originally served as a women’s dormitory for the nursing school is now the VA’s newest state-of-the-art medical clinic on the Columbia VA Campus. CSG demolished over 20,000 square feet of interior space and multiple exterior structures to prepare
for the complete overhaul of this 1930s historic building. Interior demolition included abatement of asbestos and lead paint and all the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. New work was comprised of the following: point up of historical masonry; addition of structural steel and concrete reinforcement to the basement, all three floors, and the attic; construction of new walls and finishes in interior spaces; construction of a new elevator tower with foundation, traction elevator, and associated equipment; and historical rehabilitation of wood windows, doors, and trim. New mechanical and electrical systems included a new chiller, air handlers, boiler, and emergency generator. Civil work entailed construction of a new loading dock, parking lot, porte-cochère with translucent panel canopy system, storm drainage with underground retention, site lighting, and the installation of a 2,500 linear foot data duct bank with fiber optic cabling.

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Correct Life and Safety Deficiencies

CSG took on the challenge of a two-year multi-phased construction project at Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center to correct the life safety deficiencies on the medical campus in Augusta, Georgia. All work took place in an occupied, fully functioning hospital and its supporting medical buildings. CSG coordinated and managed the installation of 27 new fire alarm panels and all devices while simultaneously replacing over 7,000 sprinkler heads in the main hospital and 10 auxiliary support buildings on campus. The scope of work also included demolition and replacement of five (5) air handling units, upgrades to the existing electrical system to support the increased demand, and enhanced the capacity of the campus’ direct digital controls system.

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Renovate Electrical & Telecom Closets

The VA determined a viable need to upgrade all information technology (IT) and telecommunications systems for the entire hospital. CSG completed a phased project to build, manage, install, coordinate, and test the new telecommunications systems without disruption to existing VA hospital staff, patients, and operations. This project entailed the setup of infrastructure for 16 new closets, pulling telecommunications wiring for these new IT closets, then demolishing all previous telecommunications wiring that fed the existing technology rooms. Electrical was then updated to be compliant with new requirements, as were the HVAC systems, necessitated by the heat generated by the more advanced telecommunications equipment.

Medical University of South Carolina Chest Pain Center Expansion & Renovation

This project required a multi-phase construction plan inside of a fully functioning chest pain center inside of an occupied hospital. The existing 8,000 square foot space and adjacent medical office space were demolished and renovated for the expansion of the chest pain center. The scope of this project included new floors, ceiling grid and tile, an expanded fire alarm system, sprinkler replacement, installation and certification of new medical gas systems, new automatic doors with
operators, updating the access control system throughout the space, and expansion of the Swisslog Pneumatic Tube System.

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