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Construction Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is a family-owned and operated company founded in 2005, led by President, Ron McCollum and Vice President, Andy Moody. With a general contractor’s license in South Carolina and North Carolina, CSG is fully insured and bonded. The company culture places a strong emphasis on quality workmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. CSG specializes in a wide range of services, including new commercial construction, commercial renovations and up-fits, design-build, design-bid-build, new industrial construction, industrial renovations, and metal building system construction.

Working at CSG

I joined CSG in June 2022 and within a month knew it was the best decision for me. I’m treated like family, and it has become my home. Andy and Ron treat me with respect, and I cannot forget all the others in the company and how they all have made it feel like a family.

Denny Doggett, Estimator/Project Manager

Since working with CSG, I have had nothing but good times both in the office and in the field. All the office staff are friendly, devoted, and willing to help each other when needed. The principals are very in tuned to their
employees. They not only care for them while in the office/field but as well outside work. I can’t say enough about the enjoyment of working with Construction Services Group, Inc.!!!

Kevan Gregg, Project Manager

In my 3.5 years at CSG, when challenges present themselves, I feel as though the company has always chosen the right and correct path of action, over the easier or cheaper option. This choice could be being there for an employee in need or doing right by a client even when the company has no
obligation to. I feel as though this speaks volumes to the character CSG embodies and makes it a great place to work.

Brian Laemers, Controller

Working with CSG is like working with family. Employee thoughts and opinions are always heard and taken seriously.

Andrew Reid, Carpenter

Caring & Concerned.
Supportive at all times – good and bad.
Group of individuals that care about family.

Joe Brown, Superintendent

Through teamwork, motivation, and commitment, we achieve success
together under one umbrella, CSG.

Scott Aubrey, Project Manager

It is hard just to choose one favorite thing about CSG, because there are so many good things about this company. CSG takes very good care of its employees; we are treated more like family. If you get to a point where you need help from any of the other members of the team, all you have to do is
ask. Everyone is always happy to help you be prepared rather than to leave you hanging. I really respect Mr. Ron a lot for his service to this country and for the family-oriented company that he has built from the ground up. In my opinion, we are all very fortunate to be a part of CSG family.

Kelvin Spires, Superintendent

I enjoy and look forward to each day because of the work we do and the team we have in place. The work environment is everything I want and need to grow both professionally and personally. The relationships that have
grown between other CSG employees and me has made CSG feel like home and family instead of just an office and employment. As a Veteran, it is sometimes difficult to fit into civilian jobs after separating from the military. However, at CSG, the values, responsibilities, and dedication to the job and
each other has strongly mimicked the camaraderie I experienced while serving. I will be forever grateful for finding the CSG Family.

Heather Popielarz,
Administrative Manager

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